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Mini Album Card

This cute little card gives you plenty of space to add pictures, poems and notes from everyone in the family.

Mini Album Card, Father's Day craft for kidsItems you will need:

1. Tan Cardstock
2. Paper Cutter
3. Letter Stickers
4. 2 Photo Hinges and 8 brads (these can often be found at scrapbook stores)

How to:

1. Begin by making the folder-like pages. Cut two 4"x3" rectangles from the tan cardstock.

2. Make them look like file folders by cutting a tab on one side.

3. Use the hinges to hold the file folders together like a little book. The best way to do this is by putting the top two brads through two pieces of paper and the bottom two brads through the other two pieces of paper. Done this way you will be able to open the album better.

4. Use the letter stickers to write "Dad" on the front and put words on the tabs like "love, joy, laugh, and fun."

Now you can add whatever you would like on the inside such as a poem, a picture of the kids, reasons why dad is the best and other sentiments.


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